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Then & Now America

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In collaboration with 1854/British Journal of Photography, MPB - the go-to platform for used photography and videography equipment - is commissioning two new photographic projects exploring the iconic moments, movements and narratives that traverse America's past and present.

As part of their new Shoot the Sequel campaign - which recognises the limitless world of creative potential that lies in every piece of used photo kit - MPB is collaborating with 1854/British Journal of Photography to commission two new bodies of work exploring major moments and narratives in America's cultural history.

The purpose is to explore how tales that have been depicted by generations of storytellers can be reimagined in the context of new photographers, different kit, and the contemporary socio-political backdrop.

With this in mind, the brief is purposefully broad: photographers the world over are invited to consider enduring questions of American national identity, harnessing the inimitable power of photography to examine the social, cultural and political paths that have paved the road to America today.

At the shortlist stage, photographers will be asked to submit a 100 word proposal along with a mood board of past photographers who have explored the same subject matter and inspired them with their approach (this provides opportunities to consider the newly created work in the context of past photographers' work and kit.) Documentary proposals and more creative or interpretive approaches will all be considered. Two photographers will be awarded a US$7000 commission fee each to create their respective projects. They will be required to shoot on digital, and will have the option to use MPB equipment.